Get Outdoors in Raleigh!

Get Outdoors in Raleigh!


Spring has almost SPRUNG, and it is time to get outdoors!  This week, we have compiled a list of our favorite outdoor fun in the Raleigh, NC area.

The website: is a fantastic resource for finding things to do during the weekdays and weekends in Raleigh.  The top 10 on our list (which of course will be on your list too) include:

  1. Hiking at Umstead Park
  2. See a concert at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek – crisp spring nights are the best for watching live concerts on a blanket in the Walnut Creek Pavilion in Raleigh!
  3. Get HOMEMADE ice cream from the Porter Farms (Willow Spring Market) – Delish!
  4. For the kids – Discover the Historic Yates Mill County Park – makes learning history fun with a full day of hiking, fishing, history, educational exhibits, gardens, and picnicking!
  5. Beach Music at North Hills in Raleigh, NC
  6. Go see a N.C. State baseball game, cheer on the Wolfpack!  On the other hand, if you are not a State fan, you can always go see a Carolina Mudcats baseball game.
  7. Attend a “First Friday” in downtown Raleigh – See local art exhibits and taste the flavors of Raleigh.
  8. Meet new people at the Great Grapes! Wine and Food Festival in Cary, NC
  9. Checkout Groupon deals in Raleigh for half-priced fun.
  10. Finally…  Take your kids to an Easter Egg Hunt!

Byron Office Space Solutions in Raleigh, NC is not just an executive office space.  We build relationships with our clients that last!  We enjoy getting to know you and helping you grow in the community of your business venture.  At B.O.S.S., we want to help you find ways to get the most out of your office space with us.  Byron Office Space Solutions in Raleigh and Greensboro, NC, we are here for you!

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Ding dong!  It is that festive time of year again…tasty treats and costumed children running around your neighborhood.  When sending out your little ones this year, be sure to take precaution.

Trick-or-treating tips:

  • Stay away from open flames while wearing costumes
  • Wear shoes that fit well to prevent tripping
  • NEVER send children out alone
  • Be cautious with face paint and test a small area of skin to avoid any allergic reactions
  • Take a flashlight so others can see you
  • Stay on sidewalks, if possible
  • Only visit well-lit houses
  • Only eat wrapped, unopened  candy



Do Your Research When Looking for an Executive Office Space

Important questions to ask when touring an office space:

  • Have you given much thought to the location?

Picking an office in the right location, for example, an office in the heart of Raleigh, NC, has many benefits!  Businesses thrive when they are near restaurants, shopping outlets, and other successful businesses.  Make sure there are other companies in the office in which you can network with as well.

  • How much space do you need?

Do you need an office for everyone in your company?  Does one person want to work from home, while another would like to work in an office?  Most executive suite offices will cater to your needs, and are flexible in this regard.  New technology allows businesses to stay connected to their employees working from home, allowing businesses to cut down expenses.

  • Who pays for what?  What services are included with the executive suite lease?  Are there extra charges for other services?

Your budget needs to include these added costs.  Ask about utilities, use of existing office equipment, beverages (water & coffee), and parking costs.  Many executive suites will offer shared receptionist and beverage services in the office.  Sometimes these extra services have additional fees, but they still are usually a fraction of what you would pay for permanent full-time services.

  • When is the office and conference room available for your use?

Make sure to find out if the business center has readily available conference rooms for your use.  If they give you bulk hours at a discounted rate, with no available conference room times open, this does not help you!

  • Are there options to expand or shrink your space if the need arises or if your business changes drastically?

Ask if you will have the resources and space available to grow or downsize your business should you need to do so.  Also, find out if the executive suite offers virtual office packages as a possibility.  Lastly, make sure the suite has more offices opening up in the next year if you project the need for more space.

  • Have you looked at all of the hidden costs?

Make sure you ask for all house rules and read the entire contract carefully.  If you have any questions, ASK!  Be sure to see everything in writing.

For more questions about leasing executive office space, contact Byron Office Space Solutions, LLC.  We can help you, and walk you through the entire process!  Call 1-855-BOSSOFNC or visit


Celebrate Your B.O.S.S. on National Boss’s Day!

National Boss’s Day is October 16th.  Celebrate Your B.O.S.S. on National Boss’s Day!

How do you say “thank you” to your wonderful boss on National Boss’s Day?  Show appreciation for your boss!

Tips for celebrating your boss:

  • Do not try to “wow” your boss with an expensive gift
  • Gifts should be nice, small and most importantly, professional.
  • Choose a gift that fits your boss’s lifestyle.
  • Appropriate gifts may include greeting cards & consumable products.

Celebrate National B.O.S.S.’s Day with Free Golf at the Greensboro National Golf Club, when you lease office space with B.O.S.S.!

*One free round of golf per month, per office leased.
*Valid only with a 12+ Month Serviced Office Agreement with Byron Office Space Solutions, starting 10/16/12.  Applies only to new contracts.  Terms & conditions are subject to change.

For more details and guidelines regarding this special, call to speak to an office manager at B.O.S.S.
Call 1(855) BOSSOFNC or visit today!

“FALL” in love with Raleigh

Crunching leaves, cool nights, football season…fall is definitely in the air!  Whether you enjoy the brisk outdoors or prefer the cozy indoors, there are many family activities to do in or around Raleigh this fall.  The North Carolina State Fair, in Raleigh, is one you definitely do not want to miss.  Enjoy games, rides, entertainment, contests, exhibits and do not forget about the amazing food…fried butter, anyone?  It runs October 11-21, 2012 and has fun for all ages…check it out!

North Carolina State Fair:

Written by Lindsay Morgan (Raleigh Office Manager)

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished”


"Change Constantly" - Raleigh Business Expo

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished”- Benjamin Franklin…

This quote has an enormous impact, in my eyes.  In fact, it is posted in my office for every visitor to read!


When you are opposed to change, you become remote and even boring.  In everyday business, constantly inventing new ideas and products makes your clients enthusiastic about your business.  The buyer craves the anticipation of new and exciting products.  They want to get their hands on the newest things!

I have had the pleasure of interacting with others on new projects going on at Byron Office Space Solutions.  Over the past few months, I am learning through this experience that change is one thing we as humans despise, but love change more than anyone else does when it comes to the consumer mindset.  Innovative products and changing services excite consumers.  Constantly changing products and improving services keep you flourishing and prosperous in the competitive world of business.  Think like your customer… alive, fresh, and INNOVATIVE!

Written by Amanda Stowe

Brian Keeter – HelpHOPELive

Brian Keeter HelpHopeLiveBrian Keeter
HelpHOPELive aka – the NTAF South-Atlantic Spinal Cord Injury Fund

Brian Keeter is a former NC State basketball team member (1998-2002), son of Louane & Kermit Keeter of Cary, and nephew of Barbara & Marshall Rosenfeld of Charlotte.

Three years have passed since the near fatal car accident that left Brian paralyzed. For over a year, he was mostly bed ridden. Brian finally began intensive spinal cord injury recovery therapy in 2010, and continues to do so at Shepherd Hospital in Atlanta GA.

Despite a 4 month set-back from a broken leg requiring surgery last spring, Brian now has the strength and stamina to endure long days. His day begins with 3 hours in spinal cord recovery therapy, followed by 6 hours in a work trial program with an Atlanta based company

Brian has regained function in all of his abdominal and gluteal muscles, in addition to a significant portion of his hip flexors. He has tremendous core strength & normal sitting balance.

In conjunction with our annual fundraiser – Hope to Walk Golf Classic at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course on campus at NC State University, please consider making a modest donation on Brian’s behalf. 

Your financial support has made possible the significant gains that Brian has achieved to date.  Insurance does not provide for recovery from paralysis therapy. Out-of-pocket costs for 4 weeks of recovery therapy average $3,500 per month.  Without contributions, Brian’s access to recovery therapies would fall far short of what he needs.   

A fully tax-deductible contribution to help Brian’s recovery can be made through the National Transplant Assistance Fund & Catastrophic Injury Program (NTAF).  Contributions are used solely for medical equipment, therapies, and spinal cord injury-related expenses. 

  • A secure credit card contribution can be made by calling NTAF at 800.642.8399 or by clicking “contribute now” on Brian’s NTAF patient page at:

  • Checks are payable to: NTAF South-Atlantic Spinal Cord Injury FundPlease be sure to note “In Honor of Brian Keeter” in the memo section & mail to: NTAF, 150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120, Radnor, PA, 19087.

We are thankful to many generous individuals and businesses that have helped make it possible for Brian to achieve the recovery gains he has made thus far. Your continued prayers, kind deeds, and genuine interest are a source of strength and encouragement to Brian and his family.

Louane & Kermit Keeter – Brian’s Mom & Dad 

Follow Brian’s progress at

Footnote: NTAF is also now known as HelpHOPELive

Written by Leah Keeter (Brian’s sister)

Byron Office Space Solutions – Nike’s Runner Of The Week: Ben Vasquez

Ben Vasquez was named Nike’s Runner of the Week!  Ben, is a valued member of the B.O.S.S. Team, click to read more about Ben Vasquez!  Congrats Ben!

We appreciate everything you do here at Byron Office Space Solutions!  Please feel free to share your words of encouragement and congrats to Ben at the end of this blog.

Ben Vasquez Nike RunningHere is the story Nike Running did on Ben:

Some people run in high school or college, only to drop off after graduation. Not Nike+ Runner of the Week Ben Vasquez. The former collegiate track and cross-country runner isn’t slowing down now that he’s out in the real world. In fact, he’s doing even more.

After Ben graduated last May, he kept running strong, putting in up to 40-mile weeks. Three months ago, he made a change that brought his post-collegiate running to a new level. “I had been told for some time that I needed to buy a Nike+ GPS SportWatch with all of the running that I do,” Ben says. “Ever since I put this watch on my wrist, I have been a different runner. Each run feels like a race against the clock. At this point I can’t imagine leaving for a run without it.”

Now Ben is running faster and longer—in the last month he’s logged 128 miles—and he threw his hat into a new competition: the half-marathon. “Completing my first half-marathon was a big moment for me,” he says. “It was a lot more grueling than I expected and I ended that race with so much more respect for those individuals who complete full marathons.”

But Ben understands that running is about more than the physical strength to endure. “Running has instilled humility, grace, diligence and perseverance in me since the day I started at age 14,” Ben acknowledges. “Hard work and talent won’t carry you all the way. There is definitely a mentality one has to adopt in order to perform at their peak. For me, this mentality is what pushes me through the more challenging moments during a run and in life.” This awareness is going to help him as he gets after his next goal: a sub-74-minute half-marathon.

Ben, your long-term approach to running and your awareness of its mental side will take you far both on the road and on the road of life. We’re sending you a NIKEiD gift card for a pair of Nike Free Run+. Customize them with words that remind you where you’ve been and where you’re going. We hope you’ll keep running through your whole life.

Written by Amanda Stowe (excerpt from Nike Running)

Business Incentives for Raleigh, North Carolina

Save Your Business Money!

Business Incentives for Raleigh, North Carolina

There are various incentives offered by the State ofNorth   Carolinaat the state, county and city level to encourage economic development in the state.  The Community Development Department of the city ofRaleighis serious about improving the quality of life for its residents.

WakeCountyEconomic Development Program of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce offers a full range of incentives aimed at encouraging businesses that would like to expand their business or relocate to this city.  These services are offered at no cost and on a confidential basis, whether it is a start-up or a multi-million dollar corporation.

Some of the major services offered include, executive briefings, community tours, providing statistical data and research materials, setting up appointments with government, corporate and community contacts, or providing an inventory of office space, industrial buildings, and the likes.

Other Benefits Offered

In addition to the relocation services, there are many Tax Credits offered to different elements of a business inRaleigh, some are offered to taxpayers who are creating full time jobs, or they may qualify for a credit based on the cost of a capitalized personal property.  Another type is the R&D Tax Credit, offered depending on the percentage of qualified research expenses.

The Job Development Investment Grant is offered to very large economic development projects undertaken against a percentage of taxes paid by the new employees.  One North Carolina Fund is set up for knowledge-driven industries for encouraging competition with other similar businesses that are outside the state.

Byron Office Space Solutions of North Carolina offers serviced office space with administrative and technological support and includes executive suites with telephone and internet connection.  BOSS offers virtual office plans also that include mail receipt and forwarding, receptionist services, voicemail, a local fax number etc. to a business in Raleigh.