When leasing an executive office, you have the flexibility that you don’t typically have when leasing traditional office space. We offer shorter lease terms, as well as the flexibility to upsize or downsize as your business grows. Our executive suite also provides all the common area furniture, office equipment, and on-site employees, so that you don’t have to bear those expenses when leasing an executive office. The start-up costs and the continuing monthly costs of traditional office space could be 2 to 5 times that of a professional executive suite.
Byron will attempt to structure a plan to fit your financial budget. We will place you in our networking system that will expose you to other professionals, which increases your opportunity for success. Since 1985, when Byron brought the shared office concept to Greensboro, North Carolina, we have helped dozens of companies to grow into highly successful businesses.
Yes, you can keep the same telephone number simply by porting it to Byron. Your phone number will come directly to our switchboard, so we can answer your calls with your company name. Porting a phone line is a very routine occurrence and we are happy to assist you through the process. Should you need to move out of Byron Office Space Solutions, you can also port the number to your next destination.
Yes. We answer all our clients' telephone calls with their company name.
Yes, there is always a receptionist on site from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to greet your guests and answer your phone calls. After hours calls will be forwarded to your personal voicemail or forwarded to a designated after hours telephone number.
Byron does not require any start up fees or exit fees. We do, however, charge a refundable security deposit and sometimes a telephone set up fee depending on your circumstance.
It only takes a few minutes to be completely set up and you are ready for business.
B.O.S.S. also provides an alternative to full time office space. We have a day office that can be utilized by the hour, day or week, or monthly virtual office plans that you can use until you are ready for a permanent office space.
The surrounding area is constantly growing. We have numerous restaurants and shopping within walking distance to our office as well as daycares in close proximity. See what's nearby.